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New York designer Linda Flanagan wants travelers to say goodbye to plastic freezer bags in the TSA line and say hello to AirQuart® — the airport security bag that’s fresh and fun with features you won’t find in any other travel bag.

“Let’s face it. The TSA isn’t going to change their rules about carry-on liquids any time soon,” said Flanagan.  Watching fellow travelers fumbling with plastic zip top bags that pop open or tear at the wrong moment, an idea struck. Flanagan set out to develop a bag to TSA specifications, but with usability in mind. “My goal was to create a durable, reusable bag with features you don’t find in a plain kitchen bag: a real zipper, a wrist strap, a bottom gusset.” 

Flanabags signature AirQuart travel bag is a cleverly-designed quart-size bag that is exactly what the TSA requires for liquids and gels. With the success of the TSA-compliant AirQuart travel bag in her pocket, Flanagan set out to introduce bigger Clear Pack gallon bag and the ClearPack Pockets, for small accessories. All Flanabags are made with strong, flexible vinyl and YKK zippers. Trimmed in trendy cotton fabric, you’ll never have trouble picking your bag out of a crowd – or out of the bottom of your suitcase. 

“My whole Flanabags line is designed to be chic and colorful, so your bag reflects your personal style,” said Flanagan. “And, of course, all of our products are Made in the U.S.A. to assure quality workmanship in every bag. I can’t imagine how anyone travels without a Flanabag,” said Flanagan.

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