It’s been said that most businesses begin with a problem that needs to solved. My problem was pretty simple. I love to travel and I keep everything organized between trips. Those flimsy plastic zip top bags just weren't working for me!

In the early 2000s, the TSA became very strict about how liquids and gels could be carried through security, and I set out to create an elegant alternative to the plain zip top kitchen bag.  I decided to design a bag that I would not be embarrassed to pull out at the security line. After a lot of trial and error, I finally had my first batch of clear, vinyl, quart-size bags ready to sell. But first, I trademarked a unique name: "AirQuart®" a TSA-ready, quart-size bag.  

I thought AirQuart was just a travel bag, and then friends and customers told me that they used this clear, sturdy bag *every day* to keep small items organized inside their purse, backpack or gym bag.  

The reviews and requests started rolling in. Turns out, there were a lot of other travel-loving, organization-obsessed women (and men) out there. And they were using their AirQuarts everywhere—traveling, hiking, golfing, shopping, running errands around town. They wanted more colors and sizes.

That is when it clicked, and I realized what I’d created was an incredibly useful and re-usable product, and from that I developed a full line of similar products.

My mantra soon became, "Never underestimate how far one good idea can take you."

Now, thousands of customers have said goodbye to plastic freezer bags in the TSA line and said hello to AirQuart® — the airport security bag that’s fresh and fun with features you won’t find in any other travel bag.

I'm Linda Flanagan, a graphic designer with a long-time love of sewing. I set out to develop a bag to TSA specifications, but with functionality in mind. My goal was to create a durable, reusable bag with features you don’t find in a plain kitchen bag:

    *  An interlocking zipper to secure small items

    * An expandable bottom gusset that stands up for easy packing

    * A wrist strap for grab-and-go convenience

    * And Made in U.S.A. quality. 

My signature AirQuart® travel bag is a cleverly-designed quart-size bag that is exactly what the TSA requires for liquids and gels.  With the success of the TSA-compliant AirQuart travel bag, Linda soon introduced the  bigger ClearPack® Gallon bag and the ClearPack Pockets, for small accessories. All Flanabags are made with strong, flexible vinyl and YKK zippers.  

My whole Flanabags line is designed to be chic and colorful, so your bag reflects your personal style. Trimmed in trendy cotton fabric or durable solid nylon, you’ll never have trouble picking your bag out of a crowd – or out of the bottom of your suitcase.

I can’t imagine how anyone travels without a Flanabag.

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