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Cross-Body Flanabag®


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Keep your phone, passport and other important items close with a Cross-Body Flanabag. Whether you're listening to tunes at the gym, rushing to catch a taxi in the city, organizing personal items for a business meeting, the Cross-Body Flanabag is the answer.

This lightweight, stylish bag is designed to hold your cell phone, passport, travel documents, and much more.

3 roomy pockets

** Clear vinyl pocket allows full use of your cell phone touch screen.

** Zip-top pocket that safely secures small items.

** Open-top pocket for quick access to glasses, credit cards, room keys, etc.

6" wide x 7.5" tall
44" cross-body strap

Materials:  Sturdy clear vinyl, cotton fabric, reinforced interior bengalene panel, 3/4" bengalene cross-body strap.

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